Spiral Staircase

My love, I see you walking down a spiral staircase to this and blowing the roof off the place.  This sounds like you in all your beauty and power.  Love you.  

Talk About The Passion

You’re 13 and just received this on a mix tape from the boy you like.  Put on your walkman and walk out into the woods.  Wave at the goth girls and walk on by….it ain’t all bad.


Another song that was unlistenable as a kid.  Certain tastes will tell me mine is failing.  That’s all right.  This guy’s a genius. “Look at those mountains / look at those trees / look at that bum there – he’s down … Read More »

Staying Power

Not that many artists live up to their promise.  The promise of “Passionate Kisses” is a high bar. Thanks Lucinda for going deeper over the years and keeping your heart wide open in the darkness.

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