Thirty Days

Yeah, just invented rock n' roll today.  Then I still had to get through the rest of my life.

Hazey I

And, cue heaven out of hell.

Hazey II

What do you even say here?  Don't think I'll ever quite digest this.

Magic Trick

How did they do this?  It's really just synth drums and Jessie. And ripping Prince in all the right ways doesn't hurt.  Hats off Ms. Ware and Mr. Blanco! So good.

Does It Feel Good?

If not, then why we doing this?  This one gets there....

Listening In The Dark

At the time this sounded like it was made out of plastic.  Every year it’s heart gets warmer, stronger, bloodier. Never under estimate this man.  Arcade Fire's Grammy grew from this seed.

Killing It On TV

Man, he's cool.  I don't care if it's lip synch.

Can’t Hardly Flake

I always wanted to be this much of a flake and be this good. Settling for being this much of a flake.  "So high and lonesome". Full stop.   And those classy horns that pop in like a sober wing man to drive you home when you pass out at her feet....

Can’t Give Everything

Has anyone ever gone out with this much juice after so much brilliant road behind them? Hoping that harmonica is playing you out into a new career in a new town. Love of a billion suns.

How Lucky Can One Man Get?

This song kinda just repeats over and over.  I don’t understand it any better at the end then I do at the beginning.  But man it gets better an better.  John Prine is antifragile.

Spiral Staircase

My love, I see you walking down a spiral staircase to this and blowing the roof off the place.  This sounds like you in all your beauty and power.  Love you.

Jesus Is Waiting

My lord.  I believe now.  Sorry Rabbi! And check that sling which is cooler than my entire wardrobe.

I Could Never Take The Place of Prince….

A young woman is out for the night -  pregnant, kid at home, looking for love or maybe just looking for Prince, who's happy to have a one night stand but could never take the place of the loser that left her with a kid and "another one on the way."  You can't write...

Settle Down and Boil Over…

She doesn't sound like she wants to settle down.  But the listener can sure wish.  What a fun song. One of my personal/professional highlights was getting to record this....

Talk About The Passion

You're 13 and just received this on a mix tape from the boy you like.  Put on your walkman and walk out into the woods.  Wave at the goth girls and walk on ain't all bad.


Another song that was unlistenable as a kid.  Certain tastes will tell me mine is failing.  That's all right.  This guy's a genius. “Look at those mountains / look at those trees / look at that bum there - he’s down on his knees / look at these women - ain’t nothin...

Songs with legs….

This one keeps giving over 40 years later.   Surprisingly sturdy legs.


Strange how truly great songs often have an element of the ridiculous, no?

Staying Power

Not that many artists live up to their promise.  The promise of “Passionate Kisses” is a high bar. Thanks Lucinda for going deeper over the years and keeping your heart wide open in the darkness.

Meeting Mr. Wonderful

From 2007-2015, I was lucky enough to be the Monday live music engineer on WNYC's Soundcheck.  With the wide ranging tastes of John Schaefer and his staff, I got a ton exposure to stuff way outside my comfort zone.  But I also got to do my job for some heroes.  On the...

Born in the USA

Born in the USA

To a pre-teen under the pressure of punk rock this just sounded all wrong.  Turns out I was wrong.  Time caught up to the production and revealed a devastating song about men come home from war and ground to bits and forgotten.   Bruce in full method acting glory....