Magic Trick

How did they do this?  It’s really just synth drums and Jessie. And ripping Prince in all the right ways doesn’t hurt.  Hats off Ms. Ware and Mr. Blanco! So good.

Listening In The Dark

At the time this sounded like it was made out of plastic.  Every year it’s heart gets warmer, stronger, bloodier. Never under estimate this man.  Arcade Fire’s Grammy grew from this seed.

Can’t Hardly Flake

I always wanted to be this much of a flake and be this good. Settling for being this much of a flake.  “So high and lonesome”. Full stop.   And those classy horns that pop in like a sober wing man to … Read More »

Can’t Give Everything

Has anyone ever gone out with this much juice after so much brilliant road behind them? Hoping that harmonica is playing you out into a new career in a new town. Love of a billion suns.

How Lucky Can One Man Get?

This song kinda just repeats over and over.  I don’t understand it any better at the end then I do at the beginning.  But man it gets better an better.  John Prine is antifragile.  

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