Meeting Mr. Wonderful

From 2007-2015, I was lucky enough to be the Monday live music engineer on WNYC’s Soundcheck.  With the wide ranging tastes of John Schaefer and his staff, I got a ton exposure to stuff way outside my comfort zone.  But I also got to do my job for some heroes.  On the score, Jim James stopped by one day. Unfortunately he didn’t play.  Just talk. But I did get to meet him and tell him I’m a fan.  Usually, for me, meeting famous people is a let down and I avoid it.  I think it’s weird to expect more than the gift that’s already been offered.  But Jim James has…a vibe.  Like he lives on a better plane.  It was like shaking hands with a moonbeam.

As fate would have it, I had to play this song at wedding with the guys a few weeks later.  Life laughing at me and giving me a gift at the same time.