Back in the studio

Between working at WYNC and playing with the Dexter Lake Club Band, Paul Schneider is recording the follow up to Escape Velocity and Forever Debts. Check out the songs as they are completed here.

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Forever Debts

“Paul Schneider has such a perfect power-pop voice that I almost wonder if it was genetically engineered…It would, however, be oversimplifying things to claim that Schneider’s music is power-pop; I mean, it’s pop, and it’s got some punch, but he channels that voice into something decidedly modern.”  Read Full Review – Pitchfork

Event Horizon

Escape Velocity is an accomplished debut for a promising young songwriter who thankfully seems as interested in the musical content of his songs as the lyrical…Escape Velocity is also a solid indie rock record, announcing the arrival of a songwriter to look out for.” Read Full Review – Pitchfork